The battle against natural sex continues in Sri Lanka.

Some days ago I’ve read that some guy of 31 molested a 9 month old infant.

And I read this

Acting on a tip off the Police Women and Child Protection Bureau raided a Karaoke restaurant in Colombo 7, and took in for questioning twenty young girls aged between 20-25. Among the women was a university student, who entertained customers who call over at the Karaoke restaurant.

on unprotected thoughts.

When the kings ruled the Sri Lanka, there were those, called “Nagara Sobhani” to fulfil the needs of civil society. Those are the times when impact of Buddhism in governing the country was so high, monks playing a major role in structures like parliament. And the rulers of the country were so intelligent and sensitive to distinguish it as a need.

Even today, these so called Geishas or high class prostitutes exists. Not that everyone can afford the service.

A government must take necessary actions to look after its people, and in any country the majority is its working class, they are the ones who use the public transportation services, the ones who get beaten by the police, the ones who frequent those so called karaoke pubs or massage  centers operated in way of a brothel, the ones who make the image of the country.