It’s been established that Jesus Christ was white, (the official Christian™ position on the ethnicity of the Lord). And we have been taught that Satan is of a black, negroid, dark skinned (they call him, prince of the dark) and so on. The christian™ literature confirms the above statements. (Jesus was a blue-eyed blond white lily boy, who probably spoke English as well)

Racist Christian™ organisations logically prove, If..God is white, then surely the white races are God’s Chosen Children, and all others are inferior, discriminating against the non-whites. (including we Sri Lankans) 

If Jesus was born in Israel (people native to that region have quite dark skin – they are certainly not Caucasian) his skin color has to be dark (brown, probably black) and this pushes us to question, then what color is Satan ? He has to be evidently different and represent what he is (the evil), as Jesus represent what he is (the good)


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