Jaffna bishop Fr. Thomas Savundranayagam met president on Friday and told the president that road passage has to be given to people. The bishop was not aware (maybe he forgot) that the LTTE has prohibited the Tamils between the age range of 15-38 to leave the un-cleared areas through Muhamalai, holding the A-9.

The A9 hot topic

Assuming that the bishop is really interested in bringing peace to Sri Lanka, and also assuming that the bishop wants to represent the Tamil civilians… (just kidding)

I want to to ask him

Why the LTTE is using the Tamils as a human shield? (prohibiting the tamils of 15-38 to leave the un-cleared areas)

In this case we have to forget that the LTTE rejected the alternative to the A-9, forcing the government to compromise on national security.

The Bishop further mentioned that GoSL and LTTE should restart peace talks. (tell this to LTTE)